Today, most companies and organizations realize e-learning is a very cost-effective approach to distribute professional knowledge to their people: With a (relatively) low effort, you can get a learning system with high impact!

Also learning institutions (Schools, universities...) are learning quickly how to multiply their impact using e-learning.
To illustrate this rapid growth, we have posted a TED video of a fascinating testimony about the incredible effects of e-learning on our world belowCheck it out! (Only in English, but in YouTube you can select subtitles in many languages)
Summary: With Coursera, Daphne Koller and co-founder Andrew Ng are bringing courses from top colleges online, free, for anyone who wants to take them. She is enticing top universities to put their most intriguing courses online for free -- not just as a service, but as a way to research how people learn. With Coursera, each keystroke, quiz, peer-to-peer discussion and self-graded assignment builds an unprecedented pool of data on how knowledge is processed.




The complexity of deploying e-learning, can be shocking without help from professionals.

Also the cost of a complete set up can grow quickly if not chosen carefully.

Here are some of the activities and technologies needed in the process of creating and deploying e-learning in an organization:

We can offer you all help you need to get started in deploying e-learning for your needs.

The following two systems are always involved in this process:

e-Authoring systems: CREATE

You will need a tool to develop e-learning programs. (or "Courseware") Depending on the type of content, the volume and the degree of sophistication, you can again use simple and free tools or dedicated, commercial tools which can be rather costly if you do not develop big volume of learning materials..


  • Simple authoring tools: Google documents (free), Microsoft Word or Powerpoint ...
  • Dedicated professional authoring tools: SmartBuilder (on-line), Adobe Captivate (Part of their e-learning suite), 

Each organization is different in the needs for learning materials. Let us let us share our experience and coach you to do this yourself if it is possible. Or let us develop your courses...

Learning Management Systems: DEPLOY

Once you have decided a development plan for your people, and developing a series of courses, videos, documents, you will need a system that lets you distribute and administer all that. That's where an LMS comes in.

They come in all flavours and price tags. Many are even free!

Let us advise you and coach you into using them effectively and with minimal cost.

Let us demonstrate what we master best!


Attention: For those interested in the free courses on the web (MOOC) we have added a few interesting YouTube videos below, in french and in english