... can be as varied as vehicles: Bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, cars, boats, planes, trains... You won't take a bicycle to travel long distances. Also, you shouldn't take a jumbo jet to go to the next village...

If you need a website, you can explain us what your goal and business is and we'll get you started!

That means we will develop and provide a basic website for you and we will show you how to make it grow, without any special IT skills required. You can then choose to input all content by yourself and modify all the menu items etc...

From a very small site (at very low cost) to the largest corporate website, it's up to you. And the total cost will always be a positive surprise!

We use mainly open source software to develop websites.

This is our top 3:


On our page "Why Drupal?", you can read how we work and what the advantage is of this approach. Most site developers will try to keep the site development in their hands, we give this power to you. Obviously, this is a great benefit for you!

We can also get you started in making your own "Content Management System (CMS)": You want to build up a repository of documents, images, video etc... for any purpose. These media can then be organised in a secure way by creating users and allocating them the rights to view and/or edit documents in a selective way. Based on your needs, we propose the right tools for you.

Also for this, we work with free and open source systems for which no license for rental or purchase is necessary. So, no cost!

You only pay us for the use of our server and for our consultancy time.

Web Design

We can also help you with a full service for web design:

  •  Designing your logo
  • Making your site structure
  • Creating content (text, images, video, animations...)
  • Translating your content to as many languages as you want

Call me to discuss your dreams in the cloud! (See contact info below or in the menu)