Intelligent Navigation & Communication technology

SeaTroniX offers help to boat owners looking for the most effective and cost-efficient marine electronics; mainly navigation and communication equipment. Our customers are mainly sailors but also motor yacht owners.

On our specialized site we try to summarize the marine technology in the different areas:

A new area for SeaTroniX is navigation instruments for gliders and small airplanes. Check out that section on our site:

You find our site with much more information here: SeaTroniX site (in NL*)

(*) Note: For the time being, the SeaTroniX site is only available in Nederlands. The field of marine equipment is changing so fast that updates in 3 languages would be too time-consuming. Just call us if you want an explanation in frrnch or english!

We are dealer of Garmin, Digital Yacht and Jefa Steering Systems.


Today the most widely used networking standard is NMEA 2000 (or NMEA 2K) Here's an image of the technology we offer: 

Most sailing yachts have their Multi Functional Display and other instruments located close to the wheel. It's important to use fully water proof types! (Example: Garmin touchscreen)

Example of the screen of a Garmin touchscreen MFD.

A Garmin touchscreen MFD with map and radar overlay.


Mobile navigation equipment


Today, mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android ...) are overtaking the dedicated marine MFDs (Multi Functional Displays) for many functions. Basically, you can monitor all important information on your tablet or smartphone. (Moving map, speed, depth, wind, engine, ...) We can provide you with some low cost but high efficiency solutions if you are interested in this new way!

One of the best placed an experienced companies around is Digital Yacht.

This British company is also "Lightyears ahead" (their slogan!) of other marine electronics companies in various areas like navigation systems using not only the USA controlled "GPS" system, but also the Russian "GLONASS" sattellites and... the (future) European "GALLILEO" sattellites. Currently they already have Dual Nav antennas available at low cost, increasing your position accuracy and your security a lot!

What if the GPS system suddenly goes missing?


Check out their site or videos on YouTube and come back if you are interested in their products!


Below you find some interesting videos about our marine offerings.

Check them out and call us if you are interested!