Digital Yacht

For more specific and NEW marine electronics we are proud to offer the full range of Digital Yacht products.

These products are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK. No other company offers such a versatile and up-to-date range of marine equipment for both professionals as water sports.

Some examples:

  • Today, it is becoming increasingly popular to use also tablets (iPad ...) and smartphones (iPhone ...) on board: A wifi network is created and all NMEA data becomes available on the mobile devices... This is where Digital Yacht comes in! Watch the video about navigating with iPad below.
  • One of the other novelties Digital Yacht introduced is the new DUAL NAV antennas: They combine the GPS (USA) and GLONAS (Russia) sattelite signals for an incredible level of accuracy and safety. Watch the video below!

Here's a "family tree" with a product overview:

Our Digital Yacht best-seller:

USB-NMEA Adaptor

Ideal to connect your boat to your PC or Mac.

A simple and effective method for connecting NMEA 0183 compatible marine equipment to a PC. Each cable contains a small internal electronic circuit board, housed in the USB connector, providing full bi-directional conversion of the serial data and also includes Tx and Rx LEDs which give a visual indication of data traffic on the cable. The other end of the cable is bare, tinned wire ended connections which can be quickly connected to the NMEA 0183 compatible equipment (for example an auto pilot) with suitable connector block or terminals.