In the sky with your iPad or iPhone!


These are the electronic systems used on aircraft (WikiPedia)

We are introduced only since 2013 in the world of flying. Certainly, we are not intending to offer the same range of instruments like we do for marine applications, as we are not qualified for that... 

But, there are a lot of useful "complementary" instruments for pilots which must not be certified. We are interested mainly in those, using iPad or iPhone.

So, we focus on helping pilots use their iPad / iPhone in the most effective way during flight. For example, have a look at this App:


Air Nav Pro


This (Swiss made) App is really amazing! With this on your smartphone you have everything you need to navigate in the air. One of the great features of Air Nav Pro, is the availability of air maps for (nearly) every place in the world. In their "In-app" store, you can download the maps you want: Some are free, some will be charged to your Apple account (for IOS devices).


But don't think "it's just a GPS with a map"... Besides these maps, you can also download the detailed 3D data! This converts your iPad or iPhone into a “synthetic vision” screen. (See YouTube demos below!)

On iPad, we have the luxury of more "real-estate":

Besides moving maps (with the 3D airspaces), you can also see a number of instruments which actually work in real time:


Better than explaining in detail what this amazing App can do, I'd like to refer you to the video presentations on the bottom of this page... On YouTube you will find a lot more demos HERE!

But Air Nav Pro can even do better: A number of companies offering hardware working together via "Bluetooth LE" (*) with this app: Sensor modules. These modules contain a number of sensors, making the app a lot more accurate and versatile!

in the configuration screen, you can select optional sensors:

When selecting "Sensors", you can choose one of the possibilities:

Here are some examples of available sensor modules:

FlyTec SensBox

SensBox specifications
  • High precision pressure sensor with intelligent vario filtering
  • User-customizable acoustic vario
  • Magnetic compass
  • 3 axis gyro
  • Accelerometer
  • High performance 50 channel u-blox GPS
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE (low energy) for connection to smartphone/tablet
  • FlyLink node for connection to future external sensors/accessories (e.g., airspeed, wireless speaker, engine info, etc.)
  • Integrated piezo for acoustic vario and descent tone
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic flight recording with user settable thresholds
  • 1 to 99 sec. record interval (20/sec with data logging firmware installed)
  • SD card slot (SD card included) for virtually limitless flight/data recoding
  • Mini USB port for battery charging and connection to Mac/PC
  • Internal 2000mAh LiPo battery for up to 20 hours operating time
  • Simple three button operation
  • Realtime display of: altitude, vario, barometric pressure, magnetic heading, ground speed, position, time
  • Status display of: pairing, recording status, acoustics on/off/, battery level, satellite reception quality
  • Configurable from keypad, Mac and PC
  • Compact, rugged and splash-proof housing 4-3/4" x 2-3/8" x 11/16", 4.8 oz.
  • Superb RF shielding
  • FCC and CE approved
  • Firmware available for advanced data acquisition (20Hz recording)
  • SensBox App For Android on Goggle Play for connection to XCSoar (Android 4.3 or later).
  • SensBox flight app for iOS on Apple App Store for iPhone 4s or later, iPad Mini, iPad G3 or later, iPod Touch G5 or later.
  • Full color road/airspace/topo moving map
  • 80+ flight/navigation data fields to choose from
  • Route navigation
  • Redundant flight recording to phone/tablet (independent of SensBox recording)
  • Live tracking
  • Measurement units user-selectable
  • Send flight logs witlessly to Mac/PC
  • Voice warnings
  • Competition and OLC features in development
Note: Bluetooth 4.0LE  or "Bluetooth Low Energy" was created by a sub-group of "" with participation from all major mobile phone manufacturers and is intended for small battery-powered external devices that produce relatively little data. It is used for heart rate monitors, medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, etc. The term "Low Energy" refers to the reduced power requirement for the external Bluetooth device. Flytec decided to utilize this interface for the SensBox and future development because BT4.0 LE is the only open and manufacturer-independent interface for mobile phones and because of the reduced power requirements.

Levil AHRS

AHRS = "Attitude and Heading Reference System"

1) G Mini

The AHRS-G mini provides following information wirelessly to your iPad/iPhone: attitude, heading, pitch, bank, magnetic heading, inclination, gravity load, yaw rate. Unlike the gyros inside your iPad or other similar systems, the AHRS-G mini is the only AHRS system that guarantees a Zero drift per hour rating. Meaning there is no calibration required at any point. Just set it on a level surface and you can count on an accurate horizon for the rest of the flight.

There are 2 models available, AHRS-G mini AW includes an air data computer which can be attached to the pitot static system of the aircraft.Note: General Aviation aircraft are not allowed to modify their pitot static system, therefore model SW is recommended.

See the video below for an explanation!

2) iLevil

The most flexible AHRS/ADS-B system in the market for General Aviation.

Levil Technology is now introducing the iLevil AW, featuring internal pressure sensors that measure Indicated Airspeed, Pressure Altitude and VSI when connected to the Pitot-Static system of a light-sport aircraft.


We are of course Garmin Marine dealer. Unfortunately, we are not (yet) authorized for the Garmin avionics range. In the future, possibly... Let us know if you are interested: We can always try to help you!

Here is an overview of the Avionics history of Garmin. And here is the Garmin Avionics VIDEO library

Just to give you a concrete idea, this is the compact, portable Garmin Aera, available in various types:

For more details about what we offer, go to our Avionics page (in the SeaTroniX site)

Call us if you are interested!

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