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e-News 2014

We regularly post all articles related to electric drive here which catch our attention during the year... We would appreciate also your contributions: Just mail us a link!

3jan14 - e-Bikes surprize!

See the video clip below: Video Ad from "Ecotricity in the UK, showing a test of electric motorcycles. The ZERO bikes, selling well in the US have a difficult start in Europe...

12jan14 - ECOTRICITY: "Dump the big six"

A nice video clip below: Video Ad from "Ecotricity in the UK, showing their transition from traditional power stations to eco-power... They are the sponsor for the popular "Fully Charged" programs...

17jan14 - e-Bikes competition

See the video clip below: "Laguna Seca FIM eRoadRacing". It's just one of the many exciting videos of the "TTXGP" road racing competition.

The e-Bikes are already matching the performance of traditional motorcycles but the races cannot be as long yet... Coming closer!

Here you find a lot more videos!

25jan14 - "Formula e" - The official FIA e-Cars competition

Here are a lot of videos of this new concept of car racing: Formula-e on YouTube. See a smple video of this e-Car racing below...

1feb14 - e-Gliders already in 2006!

"Lange aviation" launched their electric "Antares 20E" glider already in 2006! Wonder how many are already flying today...

See a video of this e-Glider below...

5feb14 - Silent ride through Spain
An electric Trial Bike...
Check out these poetic images below!
8feb14 - Storm the Embassy!
Another electric Trial Bike... But very spectacular this time!
Follow Chris Northover on his electric OSET bike while he moves through the old Russian consulate on London's infamous Billionaires Row.
See this video below!
10feb14 - Chinese company focuses on e-planes...
"Yuneec Greenwing" is a leading general aviation company focused entirely on clean, efficient, affordable electric flight. Currently only ULMs but they move to bigger sized planes. On their site you find many videos. Here is a company presentation.

Below we posted a video showing a test flight with their "ESpyder", an all electric airplane.

15feb14 - Silent flight in Ireland

Silent2 Electro An electric Glider...

Dream away with the mystic music and enjoy these even more poetic images in HD!

20mar14 - e-Car speed record: 219 MPH - 352 km/h !

The privately developed Drayson B12 electric car breaks the speed record for e-cars by driving over 200 mph (Report by "Fully Charged")

15apr14 - e-Volo, a new type of helicopter: Electric!

I have just returned from the AERO 2014 show in Ludwigshafen where this was one of the stars. Watch the video below!

20apr14 - Mission RS: The electric Superbike of the future...

Here's a very interesting documentary about the development of this bike and the challenges e-bike manufacturers face to break the barriers of the past...

2jun14 - SOLAR IMPULSE: First flight!

This is a very interesting e-project: This plane should soon fly around the globe powered only by solar power! It is the second generation already. It's predecessor has already crossed the Atlantic!