Web hosting

When you want to be "present" in the cloud, you need:

1) Your own "domain"

For example ITRONIX.BE and SEATRONIX.BE are our domains. You can get your own .BE, .EU, .COM or any other domain you dream of, as long as it does not yet exist!

2) Space on a special "Hosting" computer

That computer should have the necessary services running to support the web technology we use for you. That's a specialized business, especially if you want a reliable and secure presence "in the cloud"!

We can offer you an adequate and economical solution for hosting your website, content management system, learning materials (courseware), LMS etc...

We rent a large volume from a major data centre in Amsterdam and we can provide you with exactly the space and capacity you need. Also, the datacenter takes care of the backup and maintenance. All is included!

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