Cloud & Multimedia services: Our offer...

Today's information stream is becoming incredibly hard to manage... How can we keep up with the ever more complex web of sources and systems in an efficient way?

Our mission is to provide our customers with adequate solutions and support for their business needs at reasonable cost.

We manage to keep the costs minimal by using free services and open source applications whenever possible. For applications where this is not possible, we help you find the most cost effective tools for the task.

We offer "Cloud Computing" services in the following specialities:

  • Using Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, ...) for your business
  • Set-Up and Using Google Drive and other free (and safe!) "cloud space" for your business
  • Creating and maintaining up-to-date web-sites (Using DRUPAL, WordPress ...)
  • e-Learning: Developing (e-authoring) and Administering on-line content (LMS, LCMS systems)


Examples of our cloud services:

1) Social Media

The importance of social media for your professional presence can not be over estimated today!

FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+

We can coach you to understand and use these channels to your benefit. Think about it...

2) Google drive + DropBox etc...

Why would you create and keep your business documents on your PCs?

They can get lost, need to be bacd-up, are not accessible from other PCs...

If you use the free tools available today, you can improve the situation dramatically!

Let us demonstrate vwhat you can do to work more efficiently and safely.

3) Websites and CMS systems

Don't spend a lot of time and money to making a dream website! Instead, use the state-of-the-art systems, available free of charge... You will be amazed when you see demonstrations of what's possible!

We can also start you up with the right tools and coach you while you save money, designing and creating your own up-to-date website.




4) Multimedia, Video

Using video for presentations , training or communication is most efficient and effective.

We can teach you how to work with video in a low cost but high impact way!

Ask for a demonstration...

5) e-Learning Systems

e-Authoring systems

That's a tool you need to develop e-learning programs. (or "Courseware")

Depending on the type of content, the volume and the degree of sophistication, you can again use free tools or commercial tools.

Let us advise and coach you to do this yourself. Or let us develop your courses...

Learning Management Systems

Once you have decided a development plan for your people, and developing a series of courses, videos, documents, you will need a system that lets you distribute and administer all that. That's where an LMS comes in.

They come in all flavours and price tags. Many are even free!

Let us advise you and coach you into using them effectively and with minimal cost.

Let us demonstrate what we master best!

6) Hosting

We also offer a full hosting service for any application: A website, an internal company repository with CMS, e-learning with an LMS...

Just let us know the domain name you want, how much space you need and we will take care of it!

Let us show you how to build up your web presence.

We can offer you the best value for money!

And your data will be safe!