LCMS vs LMS systems

The difference between LCMS and LMS?

LCMS (Learning Content Management System) and LMS (Learning Management System) are two technical terms from the world of e-learning which are often confused. Both are a family of software in itself.

An LCMS is a system for developing and managing content for training, whether e -learning or not. It provides a space in which learning content is collected, so that it can be searched, edited and reused easily. The LCMS system also includes the authoring tool(s) to create content. This is used by the content developers and not by the students. The LCMS platform is meant for the learning experts who produce programs prior to the dissemination of the contents.

An LMS is an application to disseminate education, especially e -learning. This platform makes online learning content available to students. The LMS generates reports on their progress and results through their learning paths (scores, time used, ... ) and facilitates the mentoring. Students see the LMS platform in the form of a website on which they can log in and where they have access to their learning content.

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