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BikeTroniX is all about ECO vehicles: e-Bicycles, e-Motorcycles, e-Cars, e-Planes. We follow the evolution of all this closely with great passion! If you share this interest, check out our "e-News 2014 page".

e-Bikes are not a novelty anymore: You can see them every day now and the offer is enormous! The cost for an e-Bike has also collapsed: You can already buy complete e-Bikes for less than € 700! But of course, what you pay is what you get...

We don't want to follow this tendency towards the low end e-Bikes. Instead, we focus on converting existing bikes, three wheelers, tandems etc... to an e-version. For less than the cost of a low quality "cheapy" e-bike, you can convert your own "good old" bike to a top class e-bike!

For this purpose we provide e-Bike kits and separate components. We also source our kits and components from China (where most of the world's bicycles are currently produced). By shipping them in sea freight containers to Belgium, we keep their cost minimal.

You could also order the same kits from the same companies and ship them by air or sea, but by the volume, we can guarantee to offer you a better deal!

The manufacturers we select are reliable companies with which we already built up a good relation. "Motorlife", for example, offer a good warranty and replacement parts service, so we can help you in the unlikely case something would break or fail.

If you want, we will install these kits on your bicycle, in our workshop. But that's not our intention. If we have to add our labour, the price will be higher...

Our offer: If you have a minimum of bicycle repair skills, we can coach you to install an e-Bike kit on your own bike at home. We can let you use some special tools or help you with "How to" questions. For this purpose, we have set-up manuals and video clips to show you how...

Read on if you are interested!



Regulations in Europe, Belgium ...

In the US, a lot of "free power" kits are sold: Depending and the motor / battery combination, you can reach speeds around 40 - 50 km/h easily! That's where our Golden Motor products are most sold.

In Europe, the regulations forbid the use of these bicycles, except when you register them as motorized two-wheelers and follow the rules for them: Wear a helpet, ride on the main road, have a license etc...

The e-bike in Europe has to be restricted to 25 km/h and the motor should only assist the rider when he/she is pedalling. No throttle should be used to control the power output.



What's an e-bike kit?

Our kits come packed in strong cartons, well protected for the long distance transport from the east.

With the contents of such a kit you can turn an ordinary bicycle into an electric version:

Generic e-Bike construction

Typical components in a kit:

  • Wheel with hub motor
  • Battery
  • Power controller
  • Pedelec (*)
  • Brake levers with cut-off switches
  • Control & Display unit
  • Charger

​Notes: The Pedelec is a legal requirement in Europe: It gives the signal to the controller that the rider is moving the pedals forward. Only then the electric motor will assist the movement of the bike. A throttle is not allowed in Europe...


How to choose the kit / components?

Depending on your bike, the kit should be carefully selected to satisfy your expectations and in order to fit easily. Below you see the main 4 decisions to make before ordering a kit:

1. Wheel size?

Obviously this is the most important point. For road/touring bikes, the french standard "700C" wheels (700 mm diameter) are most popular. For mountain bikes the "inch" sizes are more widely used. Check what is on the side walls of your front and rear tires and let us know.

For more on the bicycle wheel standards, see Wikipedia.

2. Type of brakes?

Your current bike either has V-brakes or disk brakes. For the second type, we provide wheels with integrated disks.

3. Which motor?

Currently, the "hub motor" is the most popular one. It can be installed in the front or rear wheel. Specify what you prefer. A front motor is easier to install and costs less. The downside is the extra front weight which may be felt when you are used to "jump" with your front wheel over kerbs etc...

The compact crank motors are coming also:

4. Which battery?

There are many different types of batteries, too many to list here. We only provide the best and latest technology. The advantage: Safer, smaller, lighter and more capacity: Longer riding distance!

Of course, you have the choice where you want the battery: On your rear carrier, fixed to your seat or in the middle of the bike like a water bottle. The capacity and weight of the battery will vary: The biggest size should be on a special rear carrier.


For more on e-Bike battery technology, see Wikipedia.



What do we offer?

Visit the next section: "Our offer", where you can see the concrete components and kits we can provide.

Check out the video below: Robert Llewellyn of "Fully Charged" shares his experience with e-bikes of all kinds... Interesting! (In fact, he has lots of other interesting videos on YouTube!)

Below we add also other video clips we like... Enjoy!