DIY Home Automation

Attention: This content is oriented primarily to the international community of microcontroller enthusiasts and programmers, for which ENGLISH is the main language. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you are interested and english is not your language, please contact Filip.

Who could be interested in this?

Makers who have already som experience with programming controllers like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Particle, and who want to apply their skills to their home.


What do we offer?

Our main product is the PhotoniX shield. This is a base to mount a Particle Photon.


How did we get there?

Filip studied modern "micro-controller" electronics very deeply since he retired in 2013: Learning to program in C++, Javascript and Python, he experimented a lot with microcontrollers like Arduino, Particle, Raspberry-Pi etc...

During that 6 year period he developed numerous devices for use in and around the home for controlling the lighting, heating, ventilation, access-control, entertainment, energy and water management.
The result is now the "PhotoniX" ECO-system.
These products are not offered to the general public, but only to enthusiasts with some experience in programming and using these controllers.
We provide the hardware and the software to make these devices "work together as an orchestra"... ;-)
The unique  "PhotoniX" advantages are:
  • the possibilities are unlimited and
  • you can do exactly what you want!

To be completed...