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e Bike Kits

An e-bike kit is the best way, as everything you will need is in the box.


Which bike can I electrify?


You can power (almost) every bicycle with batteries! The more recent a bike, the easier it will be.


Which types of eBike kits do we sell?



We source e-bike kits and components mainly from "Motorlife", as we have good experiences with this company. We use mainly the reliable "BAFANG / 8FUN" brushless motors.

Our most popular kit: "Water resistant 8FUN motor, 36V/10Ah - LiFePO4 battery"

These are all premium components:

  • Motor: Waterproof brushless "8FUN" motor
  • Battery: LiFePO4 battery
  • Compact controller with "pedelec" sensor

The waterproof "8FUN" motor

The waterproof "8FUN" rear drive motor with 7-speed gear cassette

"8FUN" motor internal construction


"8FUN" rear motor types with traditional gears or cassette type gears and with V-brake or disc brake.

Examples of Motorlife kits, installed

Rear "8FUN" motor with 36V/10Ah - LiFePO4 battery on a man's bike with V-brakes

Rear "8FUN" motor with 36V/10Ah - LiFePO4 battery on a woman's bike with V-brakes

We usually have stock of the most popular Motorlife kits for Belgium. Call us if you are interested in stock kits. We can demonstrate them if you want.

If you would like any other kit, we can order it for you but we will ask for a 25% deposit. You choose to ship them by air or boat. The price will be different, of course. Delivery by air can be within one week while by boat it will take a month or so. We order usually once a month or when sufficient orders are in. This guarantees the best price for you...


Golden Motor

The second manufacturer we work with is Golden Motor.

This company is mainly focused on the high performance e-bike market. Their motors can be powered-up to more than 1500 W, effectively making a motorcycle of your bike!

To ride these in Belgium, you need to register it as a moped and follow also the rules for these fast vehicles. In these cases, you will have also a throttle like a moped has.

Of course, you can also have a Golden Motor kit with pedelec, and without throttle, fulfilling the requirements of the European e-bike laws.

Here is a Golden Motor rear driven bike in action:

e Bike kits Characteristics compared

The two brands we sell are representative for different types of electric drive systems, each with their strong and weak points.

Golden Motor advantages:

  • They charge the battery when going downhill
  • They can be adapted to your wishes with their PC connection: Different parameters can be set like the speed limit, power output, level of pedal assist etc...

Motorlife advantages:

  • Lower cost
  • Lighter
  • Less noise in operation
  • Almost no drag with a flat battery, so you can easily pedal home...


Below is a more detailed comparison of both brands:

  Golden Motor Motorlife Remarks
Front motor available? YES YES  
Rear motor available? YES YES Gear cassette not included
Numeric/Graphic display? Only LEDs YES  
Regenerating when braking? YES NO  
Motorbrake? YES NO  
Controller adjustable with PC? YES NO  
Pedelec available? YES YES  
Throttle available? YES YES  
Resistance when pedalling with flat battery? HIGH VERY LOW  
Controller type? In motor External  
Motor weight? HIGH LOW  
Motor noise LOW VERY LOW  


How to order e Bike kits?

Before you select a kit, you may want to check the explanation on previous page: "e-bike kits"

Contact us when you are considering to convert your bike to an e-Bike. You can show it to us so that we can advise you on the possibilities you have. Then we can send you a quote by e-mail.

When you decide to place an order for a kit we don't have in stock, we will ask you for a deposit.


e Bike Kits Components

But you can also make your own e-bike by selecting each component. This is for example in case of special wheel sizes or dimensions of bikes which are not common. Here's a selection of e-bike parts we can provide:

1) Wheel motors and batteries

2) Controls: Brake levers with switch, Displays, Controllers, ...

3) Other components: Pedelec sensors, throttles, wiring harnesses, gear cassettes, mounts ...

When you need components which we don't have in stock, we will ask for a 25% deposit. Like for the kits, you can have them sent by air or boat. Delivery by boat can take a month or more, because we order only monthly.


Motorlife DIY Manual


In the near future the "MID drive" (bottom bracket motors) will soon become more popular.

MID drive motors allow you to use the bike's transmission, so the electric motor can always run within its optimum RPM range. This translates to a happier, more efficient motor and a lighter, better balanced e-bike.

Why a lighter bike?

When going through the gears, you dont need as heavy a motor to propel you uphill, and you can do with a smaller battery because a MID drive is considerably more efficient than a hub motor, especially when climbing.

The MID drive motor...

To install this type of motor, you don't replace a wheel by another wheel with a hub motor, but the bottom bracket by the MID drive motor:

Bottom bracket


8FUN MID drive motor



Kits with the 8FUN MID drive motor

Complete kit with "frog battery", display, controller, brake levers, throttle or "pedelec".

Motor with display


This type of motor can also be used easier in special applications...


Check out below videos, showing the products we are also selling:

Golden Motor

  • "Shrinker"
  • "Magic Pie" kit


  • Rear drive motor
  • ... (under development)


  • MID Drive motor installation
  • New mid-motor electric bike conquers San Francisco hills.